K  e  e  p        I  n        T  o  u  c  h       (KIT) 

Keep In Touch or K.I.T. is a campaign started by our five head nurses in the pursuit to stop and prevent medical error within hospitals. Our goal is to establish K.I.T in Seton Hall University and then hopefully take it beyond our walls into other surrounding hospitals. 

 N  U  R  S  E         S  W  A  P

The idea of nurse swap was inspired by the well known television show "Wife Swap".  The goal of this program is to increase communication and decrease medicine errors. The basic concept for this program is that the nurse on duty and the next nurse will work together to ensure patient safety. The nurse on duty will take the next nurse around to see the patients, introduce them if  they have not been introduce prior to, tell the next nurse how the patient is doing, and the medicine that the patient has yet to take, also any changes in their chart. 

               A  N  T  I  -  B  A  C  T  E  R  I  A  

 Anti-bacteria is the campaign's program to ensure a clean hospital area. The program would include:

-Hand Sanitize Stations on various corners of every floor of the hospital

- Doctors and Nurses must wash instruments BEFORE and AFTER use

- Hand washing signs in every bathroom and above every sink

-A gown and mask are to be worn in all isolation rooms and must be disposed of in the garbage located DIRECTLY OUTSIDE the station. 


 S  U  R  G  E  R  Y         C  H  E  C  K  L  I  S  T

 This is a checklist that is required of every one of our surgeons prior to the procedure. The checklist, provided and approved by WHO: World Health Organization will decrease the chances of errors made in the operating room. 

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