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NUTH 1001- Professor Byrnes 

Homework Submission 

*This is a FICTIONAL hospital 

Spring 2012  

Seton Hall University Hospital

Our Hospital
Located on 400 South Orange Ave, New Jersey, Seton Hall Universiy Hospital was founded on February 2012 by five of the school's alumni: Stephanie Negowetti, Patrice Foster, Emily Wanyoike, Indu Sethi and Shana Kerr

Mission Statement
At Seton Hall University Hospital our mission is to provide quality healthcare by caring for patients as if they were our own loved one. Patient safety is our number one priority where we care for each patient with a warm heart and loving hand. Our goal is to create an environment where our patients are respected and valued.

Meet The Team

Shana Kerr- Pediatric Unit

Shana Kerr, RN from Montclair, NJ is a graduate from Seton Hall University's College of Nursing. While obtaining her degree she was involved in various extracurricular activities on campus. Shana was an active member of the Student Nurses Association and a leader on the Student's Activity Board. It is the leadership skills and dedication she  acquired from Seton Hall that qualifies her to oversee Safety First, the Patient Safety Care Program in the Pediatric Ward here at Seton Hall University Hospital. Shana says, " I love what I do. It is my responsibility to treat my patients as if they were my own family. Here at Seton Hall we are looking to decrease that 98,000. A quote I love to live by is: Be the change you want to see in the world"

Emily Wanyoike- Maternity Ward

My Names are Emily Wanyoike , a BSN graduate from  the prestigious Seton University known for  its high notch nursing graduate. I was born and raised in Nairobi in Africa before relocating to United States. My desire to work in the health profession stem from my childhood, I really admired nurses and longed to become one of them since I believed I would make a contribution in the profession.. I always worked hard in my studies and never lost my focus of becoming a nurse. Seton Hall was a perfect match for my career goal. The BSN course was very intensive and gave me both the knowledge and the skills to work in any health care setting. I specialized in maternity nursing, an area of nursing that I really liked. Meeting and taking care of expectant mothers and eventually the new born babies gives me a lot of joy. I worked in the maternity unit for four years and in the process gained a lot of experience. Starting the a hospital  was my life long dream and we always discussed this idea with my college mates. Eventually, this idea matured together with my colleagues, we set up the Seton Hall University Hospital – a dream come true. We believe we have what it takes to be the best in the field.

Stephanie Negowetti- Operating Room

Stephanie Negowetti, RN from Edison, NJ is a graduate from Seton Hall University. While focusing on her studies at the University she was also involved in the Student Nurses’ Association and Leaders in Health Care which are two organizations on campus. She was also involved in many volunteering programs on and off campus. Her dedication to the service of others is why she is responsible for overlooking Safety First, the Patient Safety Care program in the OR.  Stephanie states, “As a nurse I feel it is my responsibility to make sure that the patients and their families feel safe and feel that that can trust our staff and our hospital when it comes to the care of their loved one.  Promoting Safety First in the OR is my number one priority.  I go into work with top quality patient care and safety as my number one goal each and every day.”

 Indu Sethi -Emergency Room

My name is Indu Sethi and I was born and raised in Newark, NJ. I attended Science Park High School located in Newark and then from there I went to Seton Hall University with having hopes of getting my Nursing degree. SHU gave me my didactic and clinical skills of being a great nurse that I am. Four years later I finally attained it. While I was in Seton Hall, I joined many organizations such as the Nursing Association and the Indian American Association. Now I am a Registered Nurse and I have been in this profession for five wonderful years! My goal is to help every patient that I get and take care of them to the full extent.  I treat and love all of my patients as if they were my family. My happiness revolves around them being better. 

Patrice Foster- Med/Serg Unit

I am Patrice Foster born and raised in Jamaica West Indies. After I graduated from high school I migrated to the United States. I continued with my education at Bronx Community College in NY, where I earned an Associates Degree in Business Administration. I worked as a bank teller then got promoted as an assistant head teller, worked for a few years in this position until I decided to go back to school to do nursing. Some how I knew working as a teller wasn't my passion. I did a 3weeks course in nursing to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Upon achieving my certificate I was hired by the Montefiore Medical Center as a nursing attendant. While working at MMC my passion for nursing grew stronger, I knew I wasn't going to stop at being an attendant, I knew I wanted to become a registered nurse. Now here I am at Seton Hall University working towards my inspiration of becoming the best registered nurse ever and continue taking care of patients as if they were my own.

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